No one is exempt from the need for a Spiritual Father. Paul was a Father in the faith who told others to follow him as he followed Christ. There are lots of preachers but not enough Fathers.

The River is a gathering of believers in love with the grace of God. Under the direction of Dr. John and Pastor Ann Hollar, our church is experiencing a Gospel Revolution. Our goal is to always act with a Spirit of Excellence and to be the church that our community can't live without.

Our special guest speaker talks about deliverance and how to stand in faith.
Our theme for this year is Exalt, Edify, and Evangelize. We exist to exalt the Lord, Edify the church, and Evangelize the world. This is the first of a two part series exploring these three themes in the beginning of Isaiah 54. Unfortunately this recording is missing the beginning of th sermon, but you join in a good place to see what it is all about!