The River is a gathering of believers in love with the grace of God. Under the direction of Dr. John and Pastor Ann Hollar, our church is experiencing a Gospel Revolution. Our goal is to always act with a Spirit of Excellence and to be the church that our community can't live without.

Heavenly Places

Ann Hollar

06/14/2015 Our amazing Pastor, Ann Hollar, discusses the heavenly places that we are seated in with Christ. We are not seated in A heavenly place. We are seated in Heavenly places, where God has prepared everything that we need for life and godliness.
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How God Got Even

John Hollar

Righteousness is one of the biggest subjects in the Bible and the most important subject when it comes to our relationship with God. But most people don't understand how you become righteous or how you keep your righteousness. Join us as we remind our hearts of what this condition of righteousness really is.
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