The River is a gathering of believers in love with the grace of God. Under the direction of Dr. John and Pastor Ann Hollar, our church is experiencing a Gospel Revolution. Our goal is to always act with a Spirit of Excellence and to be the church that our community can't live without.

There was a secret that Jesus kept from the Jews while He was on earth. And that secret was You!
Everyone of us has a calling on our life. God has equipped us to fulfill our calling. God's not looking for your abilities. He's looking for your availability. With the Right Desire, you will always be victorious. With diligence, you will be drawn to the things of God. With determination, your faith will grow beyond what you know.
Your faith can be communicated. Your faith can become more effective. Your faith brings good things into your life.

Magnolia Festival Pictures 

Download your pictures from our Booth at the Magnolia Festival!

Magnolia Festival Pictures