In the New Covenant, the Blood of Jesus has made you perfect. Jesus obtained ETERNAL life for us, and you have that LIFE right now.

The River is a gathering of believers in love with the grace of God. Under the direction of Dr. John and Pastor Ann Hollar, our church is experiencing a Gospel Revolution. Our goal is to always act with a Spirit of Excellence and to be the church that our community can't live without.

God is speaking to you and you have the ability to hear Him. Not only that, but Jesus has restored your ability to talk to God. When God speaks to you, He doesn't speak about what you lack. He speaks to you about Who You Are in Him. You get in and stay in by Grace Alone, and in that grace you become a joint heir with Christ.
Paul was bold enough to say, "Follow Me," a phrase which Jesus was well-known for. Paul's doctrine should be the primary doctrine of the church, because it is the message that Jesus gave for the Gentiles. It is the message of grace, God's unmerited, unearned favor on you.