The River is a gathering of believers in love with the grace of God. Under the direction of Dr. John and Pastor Ann Hollar, our church is experiencing a Gospel Revolution. Our goal is to always act with a Spirit of Excellence and to be the church that our community can't live without.

When you give your life to the Lord, at first it may seem all about yourself, but the Lord has a bigger plan and purpose for you. You can impact, impart, and empower in this life.
Jesus connects fish and finances in the New Testament. This isn't a large leap for Fishermen like Peter. Today, we connect the story of Jonah with our financial situations. After all, who hasn't ever felt like they were swallowed up by their finances.
The problem with deception is that when you are deceived, you don't know it. The Bible provides ways for you to know if you are deceived. Then it teaches us how to be un-deceived and how to stay that way.

Magnolia Festival Pictures 

Download your pictures from our Booth at the Magnolia Festival!

Magnolia Festival Pictures