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Faith's Operating System

God's Love

Pastor Ann Hollar

8/6/17 We don't often think about our faith as being an operating system, but it is very much. We need to know how to turn it on, register it, activate it, and keep it running. We can only do this, if we understand how much the One who gave it to us, loves us.
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Foundational Doctrines - Part 1

The Authority of the Written Word

Dr. John Hollar

7/30/17 We're beginning a series on the foundation beliefs and doctrines of Christianity. In this episode, we focus on the Word of God in all its forms, but most specifically in the Written Word of God we've received in the Bible. The Scripture is inspired by God and useful for the saints. Your faith is built up by hearing and hearing the Word.
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Faith that Changes Things

Change the Worst of the Worst into the Best of the Best

Dr. John Hollar

7/23/17 Faith was able to change a Canaanite harlot into a progenitor of Christ. By faith we obtain great and precious promises.
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You Are Worth It

You are Loved; You are Valuable; You are Beautiful; You are Important

Parish Stone

7/16/17 Parish shares an uplifting message of just much we mean to God. Everything he has ever done has been for us, every single person that has ever lived. Even to the point of giving up his only begotten Son to receive the punishment and death that we all deserved.
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Focus On The Big Picture

Remember How Big Our God Actually Is

Pastor Eric Hollar

7/9/17 We sometimes get caught up in our own little world and allow our small problems to become our focus. Keep your attention on God and let him handle the small stuff.
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Actions and Effects of Our Faith

Hebrews - Chapter 11

Dr John Hollar

7/2/17 Dr John Hollar explains how our faith should impact our lives on a daily basis, not only when we believe what God says, but especially when we are moved to action by what we believe.
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Faith Creates an Atomsphere

God Responds to Faith

Casey Stone

6/25/17 Faith means stepping outside of what you see and what you feel. Instead of being a thermometer, faith is the thermostat that changes the atmosphere. When you create an atmosphere of faith, Jesus sees your faith and responds. Things begin to change in an atmosphere of faith.
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Being in a Situation It Seems You Can't Fix

We All Fight the Same Devil

Casey Stone

6/4/17 Pastor Casey Stone shares a message from his heart about fighting through a situation that you can't fix without Jesus. What happens when we face something that we can't handle by ourselves?
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A Reputation of Faith

Hebrews 11

Dr. John Hollar

5/28/17 Faith will build a reputation for you. Be faithful to be a man or woman of faith and you will come to be known as a person of faith and a person who miracles follow. You can even have a reputation of faith before God!
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Minor Acts

Major Effect of the Minor Characters in Acts

Israel Arnold

5/21/17 This incredible journey through the book of Acts focuses on those MINOR characters, whose MAJOR impact make them worthy of mention. We examine their roles, effects, and the lessons to be learned from them.
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